Herramientas y equipos de prueba

Gereedschap en testapparatuur

Merk Nummer Type OEM Aantal Toepassing Opmerkingen Img
bosch 0986611993 KDEP-1505 bosch 0 View
hartridge 2-stage injector tester YDA320 testmaster - 2 HH720 1 2-stage injectors used View
diester nozzle hand tester SOLD 0 - 300 Bar Portable unit View
sirini cambox for unit pump 0 cummins - iveco - daf - mercedes - scania - volvo NEW complete kit with signal box, cams and mounting hardware View
hartridge nozzle tester testmaster - 1 HH601 SOLD all brands used - checked and calibrated View
Bosch testbench 0683100051 EPS515 EFEP 500 A bosch 1 fuel pump testbench / 380V 3 phase completely checked - with clamps, brackets, coupling - 6 x injectors. 6 x injector pipes View
Bosch testbench 0683815001 EPS815 bosch SOLD fuel pump testbench NEW complete with VP-kit VPM844. View
sirini AG0017-00 1 drive coupling 17mm. coupling and puller combination / long shaft View
sirini AG0020-00 0 drive coupling 20mm. coupling and puller combination View
Marbed M 9441A 1 Tool box for "P" BOSCH pumps equipped with 28 pieces View
Marbed 9760 1 mercedes timing tool for bosch M & P pumps View
schut filetta range 0 - 10mm 2 dial indicator for pump timing View
Marbed M 10014P 0 bosch Tool box for P7100 and P7800 Bosch pumps View
Deteq 8405009 4010 0 test injectors View
Deteq 8405023 0 test injectors rotary pumps View
bosch 0986611494 bosch 0 Puller unit injector siemens VW View
Deteq 1 pump clamp View
bosch 0986611628 0 View
bosch 0986612729 bosch 1 brush holder for cleaning injector channel View
bosch 0986612727 bosch 1 slide hammer slide hammer for injector removal View
bosch 0986611499 bosch 1 slide hammer slide hammer for injector removal View
bosch 0986611671 bosch 1 small puller P-pumps View
bosch 0986611613 bosch 1 lifter "P" pumps View
bosch 1687224285 VTEC/OC2-12 bosch 2 flow meter EPS200 injector tester used good condition View
bosch bosch 0 fuel filter EPS200 injector tester View

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